: Track weak points

07-08-05, 12:25 AM
I'll be taking the V to the track on monday and plan to tech the car over the weekend. Anyone have any recommendations on what are the weak points that must be checked? I have a list of about 30 items for the 95 M3 that I've developed over the past ten years. So beside the obvious like brake pads, fluids etc is there anything that is a known weak area?


07-08-05, 07:40 AM
Besides tires, make sure you have at least a half tank of gas. A few of us found that on long right handers, like T1 after a straight away that is high speed and long, the fuel pick-up runs dry.

Other than that have fun!


07-08-05, 10:40 AM
I'd double check the torque on the cradle bolts on the rear. Front 180 Ft/lbs, rear 140 ft/lbs.

Inspect the area on the Diff where the half shafts connect, for any evidence of oil. I'd check this between sessions also.

Some basics, I'm sure you do:

I lost a lug nut last time I went out. Although I blame it on the other V guys being fascinated that I had sold one piece lug nuts, rather than a normal one with a cosmetic cap [they looked at it, then I forgot to tighten it down, afterwards.]

Double check the inside tread of the tires. Some have had slight alignment issues, which resulted in the tires wearing significantly more on the inside than the outside.

Double check that oil level. LS6 tends to eat a little oil.

Like norm said, remember the GAS level. I wouldn't go more than two sessions without filling up, and definately not go below 1/2 tank.

Double check any mods are tightened up (specifically CAI, and exhaust).

Probabaly not much help, it sounds like you have a lot of experience. If you come up with a check-list, please post it, as all would benefit.



07-08-05, 01:46 PM
Yeah, double check oil level after every session... you'll probably need to top off a mid day. Do not overfill the oil level... Z06 guys (LS6) may tell you to overfill the oil... that is good advice for a Z06, not a V - oil pan is completely different - DO NOT OVERFILL THE OIL.

And I assume you've been practicing all week how fast you can get into competitive mode ;)

07-09-05, 02:42 PM
competitive mode is easy, it's the disabling everything that takes too long....

thanks for the tips!