: Horn color?????????????

07-07-05, 10:05 PM
I posted this over a year ago to see if anyone else had a horn this color. Found the pic and thought I would post again. Anybody out there got one like this??


07-07-05, 10:07 PM
Let me look...lol

My horn is black, blends in nice and you really can't even see it..

05 CTS-V--- Light Platinum
3M Clear Bra and Tinted windows, LS6 Emblem, Stealth-V z06 fuel rail covers, Lasstss Billet interior pieces
Westers, B&B Headers-high flow cats-and 3" resonator exhaust, Lingenfelter CAI, UUC shifter, Full BMR
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07-07-05, 10:18 PM
Shane your horn is offensive please remove immediately. :histeric:

Strange, silver vs. black. Y day du dat?

07-07-05, 10:27 PM
Looks like you might have one of those ultra-rare JC Whitney Vs. Check to see if the horn plays "Dixie." :histeric: :histeric: CR

07-07-05, 10:28 PM
I don't think anyone else has one so I'll "believe in my mind" that this car was built special. Being silver I know it's faster than the black cars:cool: Maybe mine is a one off model to be searched for many years from now:worship: ...........................Nah, some dumbass screwed up is what happened.


07-07-05, 11:03 PM
Yikes,Krylon that effer before someone sees it.