: Thermostat

11-06-03, 11:56 PM
Ok this sounds really stupid! I bought a 1995 seville sls a little over 1 year ago and have done nothing to it but change the oil replace the power stering pressure hose, wash wax, and vacuum. I work at napa but we don't have a book that tells location of any part like sensors or anything like that. Although all the stupid customers think we do(think about it there has to be close to 150 different engines used in cars). So what I am asking is where is the thermostat located? I looked at the hoses and from what I could tell since I looked at 9pm (its dark here in minnesota). It looked like it's in the lower radiator hose? I would call it the lower hose since the other hose runs all the way accross the top of the radiator from the water pump? I know since I work at napa it sounds like I know nothing but these north* are a different animal. Please let me know. I think we might actually have a cold winter this year and I want to change it.

On another note; this is kind of a joke but it's not funny. Doe's anyone know the difference between the Ford dohc 4.6 and the north*? If you do who cares this is a cadillac web site. :nyanya:

11-07-03, 08:56 AM
The Tstat is going to be right in front of the water pump.... Youll see a hose going into the water pump, and take off that cover, adn the Tstat should be right in there......