: KARS anti-hop kit

07-07-05, 02:44 PM
I've finally received my Stage 3 kit from Kars but it will not be installed for a couple of weeks. I know that mine was in the second batch he made, so I'm wondering what kind of feedback there is from the owners that got theirs in the first batch? Hopefully it works as well as claimed.

07-07-05, 03:04 PM
My kit works as claimed. In my opinion, Doug has been very honest about what this kit will and will not do.

07-07-05, 04:44 PM
I will chime in on this thread. I was one of the original people, I think, to put an order in for the kit. I was very excited to get it installed to see if it cured the dreaded hop as well as Doug said it would. I bought the kit because it seemed like a good bolt on system that would require little effort to remove if a dealer trip was necessary, and because I thought it would be a good solution to the hop. I have an '05 that was manufactured in 6/04, and when I went to install the kit, I saw that I did not have the required nuts welded to the inside of the frame like most '05s. I was reluctant to weld the plates on for the necessary added support and was hesitant to simply use self-tapping screws to hold the outriggers in place. It was unlikely that any damage would have occured, but the answer to that was not known. So I chose to send it back to Doug and get a refund.

I must say that throughout the process Doug was great to work with, answered questions I had prior to install, and stood behind his guarantee of his product. I would highly recommend Doug & his kit if it will work for you. I would definitely give serious consideration to buying something else from him.

So if you have an '05 and think this will bolt right up to your car without any welding, you may want to look under you car for the bolts in the frame in order to avoid the confusion that I went through.

07-07-05, 04:55 PM
Sorry for the long delays.

I have been crazy busy. but am finally level.

Scott, have you at least looked the kit over?

I think you will be pleased with the all-round driving improvement you'll see.

There are about 16 kits out there, so hopefully they will be getting installed soon, and we'll see some feedback.

Follow this link to read one guys experience:


12-18-05, 01:25 PM
Are your kits still available? I cannot find any of the info that was available during the summer.