: LOOKING for NV MY CADDY!!!!!!!!!!

07-07-05, 09:43 AM
NV, I met a guy today with a white 2004 ESV. We were talking about our rides at Timmies :lildevil: and he had menstioned that he's getting a new set of wheels. I remember you saying some one or maybe yourself was looking for a set of stock CHROME 17" Caddy wheels? Was it you asking or someone else???:hmm:


N V myCaddy
07-07-05, 08:21 PM
No it wasnít me, but I think it was one of our members that was at the Wasaga beach cruise, I will ask around and Iíll let you know. Oh I almost forgot. I donít know where I put your E-mail address. So can you send it to me at www.ceoclub.ca and resubmit your three photos so I can put them up on our web sit. The ones that you had sent us were too small. Thanks

07-08-05, 02:26 PM
It was me and I bought I sent off of ebay for $150 but the shipping was $155 isnt that a bitch. If you know someone with tires I would be interested to grab them. Ciao