: vehicle shudder at 40-60 not sure if transmission or suspension

07-06-05, 02:17 PM
Wish me luck truck is going back to dealer, they just repaired a leaking inner transaxle joint. Now I have a shudder or shake between 40ish and 60 at light throttle. Its pretty bad like driving down a bumpy road. I cant quite place if its searching between OD and the last gear or if its a wheel or shaft vibration. It goes away if you A. accelerate through it, B. go above 60 or C. are on the throttle. The weird thing is if you hit the throttle while in the vibration zone it seems to drop down 2 gears. I also had one motor flair a week back when it was shiting between gears. I hope its not the trans but at least its under warranty. I hope I do not go through the "could not reproduce" stuff.

Any ideas? or tsbs?

04 Escalade 6.0 with AMD inside

07-06-05, 10:34 PM
Initial report from a tech that I really trust is torque converter or valve body issue, not sure which, apparently the valve body leaking and causing high line pressure is prevailent in these and the trucks. He had me touch the brake during the shudder while on the gas, touching the brake sends an unlock signal to the converter and the shudder went away. Looks like disassembly tomorrow.

07-07-05, 05:20 AM
Do you have larger aftermarket rims?

07-07-05, 01:15 PM
No rims, bone stock except for corsa exhaust

08-16-05, 01:07 PM
What's the word on that... I have a shimmy between 65 and 70 I thought was just my tires... I've had the wheels balanced and that did not help... I need new tires so I thought it might be that issue. Would like to see your result.

08-17-05, 08:43 AM
I'm having the same problems as you hilldo. I got new tires and the vibration is better, but still there. Let me know if you find anything out.

08-17-05, 12:37 PM
I'm sure it's the tires... I needed a quick fix before inspection and threw on a mismatch from the rest of the set. I really need to get to a tire shop.

08-17-05, 11:26 PM
I had a vibration in my truck between 70-75 mph on stock wheels, bit since I put on my 22's it went away.