: Pics...limo, fleetwood and others

07-06-05, 04:25 AM
Ok...Finally got pics of some of my cars so here you guys go.... The first is the 1974 Fleetwood 75 limosine that I got for 400, started doing some body work so it looks crappy, but runs great. The next is the 86 fleetwood I got for 50 bucks and put a motor and transmission in for another 100 bucks. The Green car is a 1969 mercury monterey that was given to me. The last one is my 88 chevy pickup thats my daily driver. Ill try and get pics of my other cars up soon. Hopefully better pictures of the limo after I get it all primed.

07-06-05, 05:16 PM
those will be nice when you get a little work done on them. i wish i could find cars like that for that cheap. good luck!

07-06-05, 09:50 PM
Dang that 74 is big. There's a 74 Fleetwood 75 limo or formal sedan that lives down the road from my friend's house. I usually stop and stare for a few seconds every time I drive past.

07-10-05, 06:55 AM
nice work..just curious, how did you do the 86'brougham's engine and trans for 100 dollars?

07-11-05, 03:56 AM
well actually I bought the 86 as a parts car for my 88 delegance I had, but liked the 86 better. I only paid 100 bucks for the delegance when I bought it, and 50 for the 86. So i pulled the engine out of the crapped out body of the delegance and put it in the 86