: English Town Raceway Park July 9th

07-05-05, 07:26 PM
E-town July 9th (http://impalassforum.com/noncgi/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=11;t=001637)

Thought Maybe some of you guys might be interested... I'm in.... I'll be there playin with my car and trying a pair of street slicks... :bouncy:

07-05-05, 09:00 PM
Dang, too far for me (Chicagoland), but I sure wish I could!

You better come back with a handfull of timeslips anyway!

07-06-05, 04:42 AM
Little far for me too. I'll be at Albuquerque dragway the same day though, losing to a bunch of damned F bodys, then beating a couple other cars. Have fun.

07-06-05, 11:31 AM
remember to post some times guys!
Should make a run with the climate controll on, just to see what she can do in full Cadillac style!

07-06-05, 07:42 PM
Bummer you can't run the AC, they might kick you off the track, leaves a puddle of water, when you nail it and hit the water 10 feet out and go into a slide sorta sucks....

But the car should be faster with the windows up!

07-06-05, 10:48 PM
Yeah ac is a no no!!! Hpoefully i'll have good times to post...