: Easy method of telling you need a coolant change!!!!!

11-06-03, 10:03 AM

"Determining the levels of EME present in the cooling system is very easy. All you really need is an ultrasensitive voltmeter. Simply remove the radiator cap, stick the positive probe into the cooling system, and ground the negative probe to the radiator. With the meter dialed down to the lowest voltage setting, take a reading of the total amount of electrical volts present in the cooling system. The reading should be somewhere between 0.1 volts and 0.5 volts. Anything higher than 0.5 volts means the cooling system is highly acidic and should be changed at once to prevent future leaks from appearing"

11-06-03, 10:05 AM
Read the first post by Q45tech, 4th post.....

This may not be the most accurate method, but its certainly really easy...... Great thing to do while used car shopping!!!!!