: Headgasket/temperatute swings

07-03-05, 05:05 PM
Could the high rate of headgasket repair be because of the drastic temperature swing's of the coolent ??? I see some people on here that have done proper coolent changes, use premium gas and they still have to do head gasket repair.

07-04-05, 12:54 AM
This came up before and was beaten to death so many times that scientists had to invent new numbers for it. Every engine has the same dramatic temperature swings from a cold start to full temperature. The Northstar is no different. Temperature variances from 205-230 certainly aren't changing anything as much as that first one from 70 to 200 or in dkozloski's case, -20 to 200 (Fairbanks is COLD). Agreed? If so, I would say quit worrying about it and just drive the car. Maintain it the way the manufacturer says to maintain it and stop trying to re-engineer the thing.