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the Sandman
02-19-03, 08:20 AM
You may not have realized (as I didn't until recently) that the "Thread", "Thread Starter", "Replies", "Views", "Rating", and "Last Post" headers at the top of each Forum are selectable so that you can sort the threads by that feature (in forward or reverse order). This is especially helpful in the "Classified" Forum since we're using the "FS:", "WTB:", and "DH:" indicators - you can hit the "Thread" header and the threads will be sorted by indicators (alphabetically). This may not seem so great right now but as the"Classified" section grows (and it will as the membership here grows) I think it will become increasingly useful.

Sorting the threads in all the Forums can be helpful when looking for something so keep it in mind as you navigate CadillacForums.com. This is also a good reason to start using the rating system for threads you find particularly good (or particularly bad). Sorting a Forum to read the highest rated threads first could be a good way to catch up if you're new or need to catch up. Or, sorting by view counts or reply counts will show you where the "action has been.