: Anyone installed a transmission cooler?

07-03-05, 11:27 AM
I just got a great deal on a <5k mile 05 V8 SRX. The only problem was that it doesn't have the HD cooling option. I've had great success extending transmission life for towing vehicles by installing an auxiliary transmission cooler. Has anyone done this with an SRX? I'm particularly interested in what fittings were required, if it was dealer installed, or if there were any warrantee concerns.

Note: This is a RWD that I will occasionally use for class II towing (my motorcycle on a utility trailer and the occasional small boat or jet ski)

Also note: There appears to be ample room in front of the radiator/condenser for one. ...If I ever add a supercharger, I know just where the intercooler will mount

M McNamee
05 SRX, 00 HD softail Deuce,
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