: Which Rear Main Seal installer do I need for a 1999 DeVille?

01-27-14, 08:33 PM
I have searched this forum several times for the correct rear main seal installer for my 1999 DeVille but I have not found a thread that says which is the definitive one.

I am still a bit unclear... Bill Buttermore's thread where he modified the installer left me a bit confused...

There is the J - 42842


And the J-45930-A


Can anyone assist here?

01-28-14, 12:13 AM
From what I have read it depends on what seal is being used. I th ink Bill modified his due to it being a one off he got unknowing.

01-28-14, 06:45 AM
The j-45930A tool will work. I have the same j tool and have used it on several northstars. The older tool is for the older style rear main seal. You will also need the the removal tool for the old seal which is j-42841 I believe. You could possibly fashion a removal tool if you cannot find one for purchase.

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01-29-14, 03:26 PM
Correct. I do believe the J-45930A is the right P/N I will check next time I'm in the shop.

You're smart, buying a $300 tool to install a $50 seal, to prevent a $1500 job down the road. Too many people try to get around using the correct tool. I'm glad to see this.

01-29-14, 06:45 PM
Thanks for the assist.... Looks like Ebay has one now for $179.00 May pick that up if I confirm it is the right one...

Thus far I have spent around $350 in specialty tools on this engine... I don't mind spending the money for tools that I use often...

Since the pick and pull will sell me any engine for $179.98 (149.99 for engine and 29.99 core) and this is not a popular engine to fix, there are plenty of them.... At least once a year the pick and pull has half off everything... I told my neighbor that when that happens again we are going to go when they open in the morning and pull engines all day... At $105 each I am going to fill up the bed of my truck!

01-30-14, 04:22 PM
And then sell them to me for more $$ :D

01-31-14, 10:12 AM
And then sell them to me for more $$ :D

Maybe possible, but I think you are a ways away from me... I am in the middle of Ohio...