: brougham parts

07-01-05, 03:56 PM

i saw this and figured i should let some brougham owners know. thats a lot of cars he has to part. check it out if you need sumthin

07-01-05, 08:09 PM
Thanks for the link!!!

Thin....n...n....k...i....n...g... o...f any problems with the n....e....w... brougham... NONE!!! :coolgleam I love my Brougham...now if he had a Sixty, I'd need a few parts!

07-01-05, 08:40 PM
thats the most number of fleetwood coupes I have seen side by side!

07-02-05, 12:34 AM
:bonkers: Holy hell, look at the bottom left picture. That light antelope Brougham covered in filler is a coupe, and it's a 90-92! They didn't make a coupe in 90-92! OK now I'm just plain interested.


07-03-05, 04:12 AM
I contacted that guy in regards to the 90 - 92 4 dr caddy for parts but hasnt gottten back to me as yet. I want the grey body kit and front noise clip to change the aspects of one of my caddys. I hate it when people ebay something and dont check email to see if someone is asking them questions