: banging gone... exhaust fixed... more power!!!

07-01-05, 08:33 AM
as per my last thread I had a banging sound that all of you helped out with greatly (awesomw people on an awesome forum)... :dance:

as stated dealer took the car, found the exhaust was twisted and turned up as if it were loosened and moved, but retightened... must hit something!?!?:hmm:

anyhow... they loosened, straightened and retightened everything, No more noise and my V seems rejuvenated!!!! It is so torquey and powerful now... more than ever before!!!
She wants to jump in ever gear like I never experienced before!!! :bouncy: :burn: :spin:

I also had an oil change at 35% but I cant see clean fluid having that effect...
I wish i had $$$$ to do more mods... :banghead: :disappoin :o the way she is pulling now, couldnt imagine with Maggie, headers, Xpipe, etc... :excited:

07-01-05, 02:50 PM
One thing I've noticed, is that if I'm 1/2 quart of oil low or more (at or lower than the the middle dot on the dipstick) my car makes one hell of a racket. Once I get it back up to completely full (3rd dot), it REALLY quiets down.

This isn't 'nice' noise either, it's 'why did he transplant a 5.0 rustang engine in that nice caddy?' noise.

I now check the oil a lot more frequently, just to make sure. I probabaly burn about 1-2 quarts per change (5k miles).