: Brougham owners help!

06-30-05, 08:04 PM
first off thanks to all the Cadillac Community for always being there like a big brother, I got a lot of useful info jus by reading the past posts and have been loving it...however now i need some advice!

Schuman Cadillac just close in Hawaii and I know for a fact they are weeding Cadillac out of the system. They try to push imports and other crap, while Cadillac is forever! I have an burgandy 86'Brougham(blown heads), white 88'Brougham d'elegance(front end accident,parts car), blue 89'Brougham d'elegance, and a 90'Brougham limo.

I heard from an ex-service manager at Schuman that the Brougham(RWD) was and is the "Longest production Cadillac" ever, and parts and others goodies are interchangable! I need to know if I can put my 88'Brougham D'elegance motor in the 89'Brougham D'elegance,or 86' Brougham!!! both have blown heads and I dont believe it...Cadillac Gods please answer my call and show me a perspective I have not seen! Gotta represent Cadillac in Hawaii to the Fullest!
Cadillac Love, 808CadillacBrougham

06-30-05, 08:08 PM
I need to know if I can put my 88'Brougham D'elegance motor in the 89'Brougham D'elegance,or 86' Brougham!!! Yes. All three had the 307 Olds and all parts will interchange.

06-30-05, 10:17 PM
thank you very much for the reply, I am a bit concerned with the any tech-additions that the 88'has vs 86'... should it be more efficient to put the 88' into the 89' or 86'?

06-30-05, 11:38 PM
Likely the Limo engine, if a 307 Olds, is a VIN code "9", that is the 180 hp version, the others are the 140 hp.

06-30-05, 11:41 PM
307 VIN Code "Y" were all the same from 85-90. There were the rarer 307 "9" HO engines, they had better heads (questionable from 86-up) and did have better carb and cam. Cam was healthy for a 307. In a 442 it was worth enough to give a L69 Monte Carlo SS a very hard time.

Rumors were towing packages and limo's got the the "9" engine.

07-01-05, 08:04 AM
I believe the 90'Brougham Limo has a 5.7L and the Euro clip which I am not to excited about. The 88' and 89' are 5.0L and I am not sure about the 86'. I am not sure if beeing "D'elegance" matters much in anything but the interior and small outside emblems, anyone got 411, I am about to trade or sell all three Cadillac Broughams Locally or on the classifieds.