: Calling on all Escalade owners for a beach cruise

N V myCaddy
06-29-05, 11:06 PM
Wasaga Beach Cruise will be taking place July 1-3. If you would like to join us in this cruise, register at www.ceoclub.ca

06-30-05, 12:48 PM
Wasaga Beach cruise thats cool I will be up there at my cottage this weekend. Where at Wasaga Beach will u guys be?

P.S: You've got a supercharged Escalade wow I would really like to see that.

06-30-05, 08:29 PM
wheres the cruise at?

06-30-05, 09:06 PM
wheres the cruise at?

I think they are talkign about the east coast of canada

07-01-05, 04:13 AM
kinda far from so cali for me

07-01-05, 05:07 AM
If I didn't live on Hawaii, I'd be there dawg, believe that!:cool: