: My 2000 Deville is back to life

01-24-14, 05:24 AM
Hi to all I'm a new member here and would like to tell you all about my over heating problems. As most of you know the 4.6 northstar has it's issues with over heating and there's tons of people who say yeah I can do it. But it's hard to find some one you can trust. Well I did some research and found jake from northstar performance. I must admit I was nervous to let anyone touch my car but jake reassured me he is the man for this job. I was sold when I called the hotel and they new all about jake and told me many people have stayed there and all had good reviews. So I booked my room called jake to ask him to do the job. I took my car to him on Monday afternoon and went to the hotel room. I got a call on Wednesday my cars ready. Jake sr came and picked me up (really nice guy) took me to where jake was working on my car. After a short awhile- my car was purring again. Jake in my eyes is a super nice guy knows his stuff when it comes to caddies. I have only put on around 800 k since the job but I am impressed in the quality of his workmanship. I wouldn't hessitate to send any body to him. Super nice guy and worth every penny.

01-24-14, 08:34 AM
800,000 since the job?!! That is impressive :duck: :hide:

Seriously, though, congratulations on bringing her back to life. I've heard many good things about Jake's on here.

01-24-14, 10:03 AM
Last I heard Jake was getting out of the repair business and concentrating on making and distributing the studs. Loos like he's back into repairing. That's good because he knows what he's doing. :thumbsup:

01-24-14, 11:04 AM
I tried that Ranger, but I like my job too much. When I meet people like CadillacDave24 and see a review like this, it's a very rewarding feeling. Working 80 hour weeks isn't all that bad when you love what you do.

Thanks CadillacDave24, you and the Mrs. were very nice people as well and it was a pleasure taking care of your head gasket issues. When you passed me on the 401 freeway I knew right away it was you, that exhaust note is unmistakable. Very nice!

I will add this review to my website if you don't mind - and I will send you a Northstar Performance coffee cup when I get the next batch in. N*Caddy was promised one too -

Thanks - Jake


I should note: Nothing will take my concentration away from the stud kits. It's needed and I will supply whatever the demands will become. I just can't wait to get over this flu. It's affecting my work and my voice is history right now. Hopefully by Monday. Evrett is in the Lone Star state taking care of some things there but he should be back soon.

01-24-14, 07:42 PM
GO JAKE! :thumbsup:

01-25-14, 01:17 PM
Grady here, I sent you a email with a short video of the NorthStar in my Vicky, all 430 Horse Power at 7500 rpm. It is really humming now and I am in the middle of reconfiguring the governor on the 700R4 for WOT shifts at 7500. I LOVE MY NORTHSTAR.

01-26-14, 10:48 AM

Did you see where Ford is re-issuing the 1935 Ford 5-window body ?? All new metals, exact same body.

Post a pic of your Vicky so the FWD Northstar guys don't go paranoid over impossible modifications.

I dug this pic of yours out of the test run thread last year - hope you don't mind ................... One of speedygman's works of art.............. a Northstar in a '32 (?) Ford coupe. Notice the waste spark coil pack on the firewall ............

01-26-14, 10:56 AM
That IS purdy.

01-26-14, 10:57 AM
VERY nicely done.

01-26-14, 11:49 AM
Love it! I'm proud to say my head studs (yours now since you bought them!) Are holding that Northstar together!

Grady I would love to make a page for my site dedicated to your build. I would like to discuss this with you soon. That is a real masterpiece.

I got the video - thank you!

What sort of EFI setup are you running there? I see a CHRFAB intake, ceramic coated headers, I see the injector rail but the throttle body looks unfamiliar. Custom?

01-26-14, 03:52 PM
The throttle body is a Holley unit, and the rest of it is FAST EFI stuff. The reason for the mix of manufactures is the result of me installing the Holley system and pinching the water temperature wires between the block and the trans bell housing, I had given up on the Holley and ordered a FAST system from Image Fuel Injection, when we took the intake off we saw the trouble but there I was with two custom units and I went with the FAST. Expensive installation mistake, Jake help yourself to any information of my baby that you want. I am a car nut not a calculator or a lawyer, HA HA. I have 288 degree reground cams and CHRF port and polish and valve job with CHRF valve springs. From 6000 rpm to 7500 it is a wild cat on steroids, that is why I am modifying the 700R4 governor to do WO throttle shifts at 7500rpm because the shifter is not very good at changing gears very good, detents are to close together, so I am lazy and will let the governor do the shifting. Jake I will do a little better video and send to you soon.