: New Guy With a 02' Escalade to Mod

06-28-05, 10:39 AM
Hello. guys.. I am new guy here. nice to meet you all.. As a matter of fact,, I just bought a 02 white Escalade and want to start to mod it... So I am nearly knowing nothing about aftermarket stuff of my new baby... and I just dont' want to keep it unnoticed for even one single day..:banghead:

1.) I want a new side-exhaust system that has one tip on each side of the car. OR, I want a system that has a four-tip exhaust which comes out under the rear bumper, like a bmw m3 does.. And. I will consider any opinions as long as it looks good.. For the sound.. I dont want it extremely loud but loun enough to turn heads with the rumble...

2.) The car got new tires and rims in the size of 305/45/22inch.. and I want to lower it to a more aggressive stance BUT not to slam it all the way to the ground.. any ideas on the spring (no air suspension please..)

3.) I need a new front grill for it... those shiny ones... please...

Thanks yo all in advance and let us build a new ruler of the street... guys..:coolgleam

06-29-05, 11:47 AM

06-29-05, 02:49 PM
Welcome and congrats on your new truck. :) I think Borla makes an exhaust system that comes out each side, many owners say it add a lot of interior noise, you have to leave room some room to get to the spare if you would ever need it. Depending on what type of grill you are looking for, there is E&G, they make nice grills, the Platinum edition grill is like the stock grill but all chrome.

06-30-05, 10:26 PM
HCVONE: first of all,, thanks so much for your input, buddy... I love the Borla catback on my 03 cobra.. they are one of the few best.. for the Cadi.. I am not saying the Borla is not good.. I just dont' want to sacrifice the interior comfort level for just a catback in a car mainly for cruising... and I heard the Corsa touring system is the way to go with a good compromise between the noise and the great sound effect (I digged out a few old threads and actually see quite a majority go with it). BUT the Corsa is a single-tip exhaust, which I dont' like.. I just wonder if I can get a system that has a dual exhasut on each side or a four-tip exhaust like the Corvette one straight out of the back..