: Cowan Cadillac Kimberton PA

06-28-05, 10:06 AM
All I can say is that this place goes above and beyond to treat their customers with respect. Cowan's is a place where you feel like they really want to please their customers. The salesmen are not pushy or overwhelming. They know the product that they are selling and if they don't they will get you the answer. They really strive to find you what your looking for and give you the best deal without 20 people getting involved. No tag team here.

I when to Armen's first and will NEVER return there for another truck again I had a terrible time with how I was treated waiting 1 hour for a person to give me a price on my trade in (no there wasn't alot of people there)and how they tried to do business. I left there on Sat.

Sunday we just so happen to take a drive to see what Cowan's had on the lot. Well it must of been in the cards because we found the dealership to be open not for business but to help out a customer. We met the owner and within 15 mins. he looked at my trade and took our info and I was told someone would get back to us. Bright and early on Monday Mike called us and asked us what we wanted. I told him and he began to work on it to see if he could locate the truck. He found one but in that time we had changed our minds about color NOT A PROBLEM he just looked for the new one. The owner (who doesn't handle the trades) was at my truck for all of 5 mins and wrote some things down. I didn't have to drive all the way back to get a trade in price (we did that over the phone and I got what I was looking for) and Mike was able to find the escalade that we wanted with everything in it by Wed's we had a deal without a deposit just my word.That Sat June 25th we went into the dealership to pick up the White Diamond Escalade that we had ordered and it was detailed to the max. The truck just sparkled. Unlike the condition of my 03 from Armen's. The dealership just couldn't do enough for us. Everything that was suppose to be in this truck was there and the Onstar was already set up along with the XM radio. All we had to do was get in and drive. We walked out smiling ear to ear with our new purchase and a new dealership to do business with. If your looking for Olds-Cadillac-GMC check this dealership out. Cowan's 525 Kimberton Rd Kimberton PA 19460 1-866-882-6926 I don't think you will be sorry....Sami