: Redying/repainting vinyl?

06-28-05, 04:44 AM
I'm probably going to hit my car up with a macco paint job after i fix my body damage on my caddie. it needs a paint job badly and i don't have enough money for a nice 1,500 dollar paint job. my car color is currently brown and i've been considering getting it painted black, but i feel the brown vinyl with black paint wouldn't look good. is there a way to 'redye' vinyl or get it painted? the vinyl is in excellent condition. if not, ill probably just get my car macco painted brown or find some cool color that fits with brown.

so does anyone know if redying vinyl is possible?

06-28-05, 06:24 PM
Sure, the service manual goes into some detail about spraying the vinyl plastic interior pieces a different color. Are you also dyeing the leather?


06-28-05, 07:35 PM
I feel what your saying. I am in the process of re dying my vinyl top as well. I recently changed the color on my car from Wedgewood blue to Silver Metallic grey color but the top I currently have has lightened due to sun light but has no tears or any other problem besides that. I thought of getting my top changed but it to spend $575 to change it where I can spend 100 bucks to re dye it would be better in my current money holding. You can check this site out for the cleaner and prep items


or some Maaco paint shops can re dye your top for you. I had one do it before to my stinkin linkin town car but that was back in Lancaster PA and its too far of a ride from here to go back and forth

Just make sure after a few days of dyeing your top you apply the treatment to it to keep it new and clean.

06-28-05, 09:32 PM
Wasn't paying attention, thought you meant the interior. Big Blue said it perfect.