: removing mirrors...what to do?

06-25-05, 09:53 PM
alright, so i removed the interior door panels to get to the mirrors, and then i unbolted the two bolts holding the mirror to the door. after that there are still the wires for the heated mirrors, and the thing to adjust the mirror postion. what do you do to those in order to remove the entire mirror from the car.

i am asking this because i am going to repaint my car soon, and i am trying to take everything off

06-26-05, 01:03 AM
the mirror heaters should have a connector somewhere down the wire inside the door. Gently pull the wiring out of the door and see if you can find it, or reach inside and start tracing the wire by feel.
The mirrir adjusters, is it the cable kind, or electric? The cable kind, the 'joystick' should unclip from the door panel and just fish it out of the hole with the mirror. If they are electric, there should be a connector just like for the heaters.

06-26-05, 12:12 PM
the mirror adjuster is the cable kind. what would you do for the passengers side then because it goes halfway across the interior of the car