: Wtb 03-07 cts v f/r calipers

01-19-14, 09:11 AM
Hi guys anyone has fronts and rear caliper or even fronts or rears separated for a 03-07 cts v that wants to sell cheap let me know email me at jrivera1105@yahoo.com thank you

01-19-14, 02:40 PM
You making a wannaV?

01-19-14, 04:33 PM
Search on Amazon, the front calipers are ~$100 each, (no pads), the rears are up there too, and should be relatively cheap as well

01-19-14, 05:56 PM
I'm but I'm not putting any v badges no disrespect to any v owners I luv v's just can't afford one

And dan thanks for the info I appreciated that