View Full Version : FS: Trifecta Red EZFlash Cable ($100)

01-18-14, 06:34 PM
For sale is a Trifecta Red EZFlash cable. Maybe used 3 times to flash my Cadillac CTS. Save yourself some cash if you are looking to tune your car and pick this up gently used!
This is used to tune most 05 to present GM vehicles through Trifecta Tuning; this cable is the only way to interface their custom maps with your ECU.

Please check with trifecta to make sure your car is compatible with this cable. Here is a list of vehicles they tune for:


Asking for $100.00 shipped. Please contact me through PM if you are interested. Thanks!

03-27-14, 04:51 PM
I would like to buy the red trifecta cable. please contact me through text 727-492-7313 or email alice33710@yahoo.com
thank you, monty markel


I would like to purchase the cable. please text me at 727-492-7313 or email alice33710@yahoo.com. thank you monty markel


I would like to purchase the red cable. text me at 727-492-7313 or email me at alice33710@yahoo.com. thank you, monty markel