: 2002-2003 Seville TS - F55 build numbers

01-18-14, 01:04 PM
In model year 2002 there were 11,440 Seville TS models made, and of that number the last 4,528 were F55 MRC cars. MRC began on the morning production line startup of 01-15-02. Seville number sales were declining by 2003 model year start (~07-02), and ALL 2003 Seville TS models were F55s, so there were maybe 10,000 built in MY 2003 (last American delivery TS was built in 06-03. Canadian STS was built until 11/03) - that gives a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) of a total of ~15,000 F55 STS built.

The GM "Model Year" runs from about 07-YR to about 06-YR, so a "2002" could have been built between 07-01-01 to 06-XX-2002.

The last Seville was built in 12-03. Anyone have the production numbers for the 2003 TS model ?*

*EDIT: That figure is up in Engines, Northstar stickies - Northstar production.

03-01-14, 11:24 PM
What's a TS model and what's a F55 MRC model? I'm a Deville guy and know nothing about the Seville/SLS/STS.

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Don't know why your post went into the potential spam folder, but here it is ^^^ ...............

TS - as in "Seville Touring Sedan" or "Deville Touring Sedan". As opposed to Seville Luxury Sedan or Deville High (luxury) Sedan, Deville base, Concours. The later (2006+) "DTS" means nothing - it is not a Deville, but is a different car in most areas..

F45 - CVRSS - Constantly Variable Road Sensing Suspension
F55 - MRC - Magnetic Ride Control (late 2002-2003 STS FWD and some later Cadillac models only, Corvette, Ferrari, Lamborghini). Deville never had it. I think some later "DTS" do. Google "lord delphi magnetorheological suspension system".

F45 and F55 will have the FE3 "sport" spring package included. Base, DHS, SLS have the FE1 soft spring package - but there MAY be an occasional special order variation.

STS and DTS use a bewildering array of sensor inputs to constantly, instantly control body attitude, power delivery, braking, and overall ride. Roll, pitch, yaw, turn rate, desired turn rate and acceleration, for starters.

Base Deville has a fairly conventional passive, partially monitored suspension.