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06-23-05, 11:16 PM
So, my 1990 brougham a/c blows air, but does not blow cold air. I was told something along the lines of needing more freon gas....does anyone know what the problem might be? If it is freon gas, is this a costly procedure to get refilled or whatever.


06-23-05, 11:44 PM
I'm pretty sure that your Caddy uses R12 which costs a few dollars an ounce, and it can take about 20-25 ounces. It can probably be converted to R134 which is much, much cheaper; About $3-$4 a can and it should take about 3 or 4 cans. Make sure you get SEVERAL estimates on how much the work will cost because some mechanics are less than honest with people who know little about the work. Not all mechanics are dishonest, but you DO have to be careful. make sure dye is used with the recharge so any leak will be obvious. I hope you don't have a leak, because that can be costly to fix.

06-24-05, 12:33 AM
thank you so very much for the helpful post! i think my father knows someone who can hook me up with that and do it for cheap.


06-24-05, 01:22 PM
Check at Walmart, the kits to retrofit are like $35. But some states do not allow them to be sold. Illinois does, WI doesn't. Darn Cheezeheads....

06-28-05, 09:19 AM
The only problem is that R-12 is a better gas at idle in hot hot weather. R134 seems to always work better driving or on the highway.The compressor must be pumping faster than idle speeds to cool properly. It always works less at idle in traffic during hot hot weather. I have a 90 RWD brougham with R-12 and it is awesome all the time. If you have a good system with no leaks i would keep the R12. To me its more expensive (a lot more) but its worth it.:thumbsup: Get a little thermometer and stick it the A/C vent to watch the output temp of the A/C.

There cheap. My 85 Olds RWD 88 was converted to 134 and works great on the highway but at idle i can see the temp climb to 60 or 63. On a really hot day in traffic this matters trust me. once i get moving it goes down to 50 or lower. When its 80 85 outside it goes down to 48, now thats cold. But it creeps up at idle back to 60 -63. Keep the R12.

07-23-05, 02:52 PM
so i finally went to get the freon refilled. i bought a retrofit r-134 kit for my caddie, had the guy put it on, and he could only get one can of freon in out of three. he said the climate control isnt pushing out any 'juice'. the guy didnt charge me crap for labor (which was a good thing, saved 50 bucks for the retrofit) but he said he wouldnt touch my car if its computer problems. i guess my only option is to go to a shop and blow money unless someone can give me a cheap alternative.

i hate a/c. ;\ the worst part about this, i got my car tinted and couldnt put down my windows for 3 days...i can today but the last few days have been hell.

07-23-05, 03:09 PM
If the AC was too low, the computer shuts it down. Disconnect battery and then try again, but do not do anything until you put at least 1 can of freon in first. That should be enough to get the compression started and the BCM to not shut it back down. There should be a note on the evaporator housing (yellow sticker) that tells about that. Take a look around for it.

So vacuum it down, add 1 can of freon (upside down can to dispense liquid), disconnect battery, and then start to charge, the compressor should start to come on after the first can. If not, you might have another issue.

You have a plus, that the mechanic didn't charge you. You might have found a rare one....