: TransGo Kit

06-23-05, 12:56 PM
I'm picking up a TransGo shift kit for my 4L60-E going to see how well it helps. 96 Fleetwood. It supposedly does some firming up, bout it. Buddy with a Bravada says it helps a lot. Essentially, some resistors that plug in and tweak the electronics. For $45. I can never resist... Someone put me on a 10 spd bike. :)

06-23-05, 01:43 PM
Keep us posted! I have been pondering one myself.

With the V4P car, the trans does shift somewhat harsh at times, not like my 96 Suburban with same effective gearing (3.42's and 235 70 15's vs 3.73's and 265 70 16's) and Vortec 350. The Sub trans is softer, but faster shifting. Don't know if it has been modded or not. It has more miles (159K vs 210K), and no idea if rebuilt.

The Cad trans shift patterns (controlled by ECM) are WAY different than the Suburban too. They drive so different but are so similar in weight, gearing, power, etc.

07-01-05, 03:31 PM
Not familiar with the transgo, but im guessing its similar to the B&M shift plus? The resistor cranks up line pressure, which is controled by a solenoid through the PCM by modifing the current through the solenoid. With that form of control, its pretty easy to see what the resistor would do in that situation. It is also quite effective, as long as it doesn't piss off traction control, especially in FWD cars. One thing it does not do however, is change shift points. they still remain the same.

07-04-05, 12:24 PM
I want to get TransGo shift kit eventually. I've heard good things about that brand. Is that kit just covers electronics? Do you have to get in the tranny at all?

I have B&M Shift Improver Kit in my 200_4R. It's the basic one for $25.00. Install was pretty easy. Dropped the pan, valve body, drilled out couple of holes in the spacer plate, swapped couple of springs with the ones that came with the kit and put everything back together. Improvement was noticeble but nothing what I expected, so a better kit is a must in near future.

07-04-05, 02:25 PM
I put the B&M shift improver kit on my 80 Turbo T/A, competition mode, and it was awesome. From most WOT shifts chirping tires (stock) to anything above 65% throttle chirping, and even at 95 mph from 2-3 shift chirp them too. It was a THM350, factory performance one at that. Loved it. But not really the best for everyday in a Cad though, unless you like that sort of driving.

I have heard TransGo is better than B&M over the last 15 years, B&M not what they once were. Bummer.

Is there any thoughts on adding a shift kit to a 160K mile trans? Good? Bad?

Mine is a V4P car already, is this trans any different than a non V4P trans?? It shifts much different than my 96 Suburban with the same 4L60E. Same overall gearing too. I like the Cad trans better... Sub is smoother, Cad is firmer and more serious feel for towing. Cad won't touch OD until 44mph, Suburban is in OD at 33 mph. I don't like that at all.