: Am I getting screwed by this dealer?

06-23-05, 03:20 AM
First of all, let me mention that the overall customer service of Penske Cadillac in Torrance, CA has been top notch from their sales to their body shop...just a pleasure to work with, period. Before being bought by Penske, they were known as Ronald Moran Cadillac...a dealer my grandfather bought 6 Caddys from in the last 30 years.

But two days ago I took my 2002 Escalade in for some warranty work, I received a CTS as a rental and let the rep. know my appreciation that I was getting a nice caddy to drive while the lade was being worked on (many times its possible to get others makes if caddys are out of stock) I start to look over the car but before I get to the passenger side the rep says...don't bother I already checked it out...again I usually always check for dings ...but this time I let it go. It was closing time and I guess everybody wanted to go home so I left.

I drove the CTS under 30 miles and it was only parked in my garage....no public places (I have another ride so I didn't rack any miles up, since my sports car needed some sun).

I drop off the CTS and the guy goes out for like 1 minute and finds this tiny dent in the rear passenger fender the size of a nickel...with a microscopic dot of white paint on it (car is black)...the paint is not broken and it can be popped out and polished like new in a matter of minutes (dealer will probably repaint fender)...but the guy says its obvious I hit something...I let him know the car was in my garage only and never in harms way...he actually gets a little rude and says this is his job, he knows it was done in my possession...

Bottom line I am 100% sure he is covering his own A$$ and claiming I did it when in reality he failed to thoroughly check the car after the previous customer dropped it off...sometimes its busy, etc. and I requested a black one that just was turned in.

Then I really take a look at the ding and ask a dealer body shop guy to take a look at it...it is really smooth and its quite obvious to both of us that someone has tried to rub off the paint...but without rubbing compound...a little trace remained.

If I let this slide its $500 out of my wallet for something I didn't do...also that will be the end of my dealings with them out of principle...I'll hear what they say Thursday...


06-23-05, 03:27 AM
Wow...Thats hardcore.If it makes you feel any better I hate my dealership hear in san diego.

06-23-05, 06:09 AM
That sucks, I always check rentals very well before I drive off the lot for this reason. :(

06-23-05, 10:34 AM
Sorry to hear about your probs with the rental dude. I also ALWAYS check over the rental very well - often pointing out stuff the rental dude said not to worry about. At least your dealer has a deal to make sure you get a rental of a like or same-make vehicle. Mine too. (Ken Batchelor Caddy in San Antonio, TX)

Honestly tho, I'd direct your anger toward the rental company rather than the dealer. The dealer essentially leases out the space and gets a small cut from the rental company.

Good luck!

06-23-05, 01:49 PM
For what ever reason, it sounds like they're trying to screw you.
Sounds like they found the dent a little to quickly.
Stand your ground and Best of Luck.

06-23-05, 02:39 PM
Damn you guys are WAY to nice...

When I take my $65k vehicle in for warranty work,I want a simialr vehicle to replace it.I bought an Escalade because I dont drive crap so thatd be a real slap in the face to be offered a cheapo rent-a-car.

Sounds like the guy is covering his ass,speak to the service manager and point him to this thread,im sure your problem's will be resolved.

06-23-05, 02:51 PM
That sucks, I always check rentals very well before I drive off the lot for this reason. :(

Same here. I've been known to add dents and scratches to their little "vehicle assessment form". They don't ever seem to pay as much attention to scratches when the vehicle is leaving, as they do when its returning. You left yourself open to this when you didn't give the vehicle the once over, inside and out. Speak to the service manager and see if he/she is sympathetic to your story. I'll bet your on the hook for the repair though. :banghead:

06-23-05, 03:51 PM
For a nickel sized ding. That's BS and no dealer who cares about repeat business would charge 500 for this. I just had a golf ball sized ding removed from my 05 STS at Dent Wizard for the outrageous price of 125.00. I've been told it was a 50 dollar dent but price was never the issue since I dented it myself. In any case 500 for a nickel size is robbery. Tell them to sue you for it not to mention telling them to perform an unnatural sexual act upon them selves.

06-24-05, 06:41 AM
I spoke to my usual Enterprise rental rep. today, (a real stand-up guy with a knack for customer service) who I have been working with for about a year and a half. I let him know my side of the story and explained that due to the circumstances, I would not accept blame for the damage. He told me he would do what he can and apologised for the newer reps behavior. He also let me know that he would try to make a point to let his superior know that I was a valued long-term customer, etc.

Another interesting fact is that the newer guy ran out as I was leaving after my initial visit and asked me to sign some paperwork...it was 3 pages of Accident record spreadsheets where facts of the damage, etc. would be stated...they were all blank, I asked him if I had to sign and whether they would be filled out after my signature was intact...he assured me they were standard issue sheets and that they would not incriminate me (he used different terms)...now I truly regret trusting this guy and the fellow I've worked with is going to look into it. The new guy also had told me that the longer term rep. had thoroughly checked the car as well as himself....the longer term rep. told me today he had never checked this car before issuing it to me...sounds like the new guy is definitely to blame...
I do not whatsoever blame my dealer and will hear more tomorrow. The $500 is my insurance deductible, since I didn't get the daily insurance (I knew I was barely going to drive it)....The rental company's body shop will probably "replace the fender" and align the susp..wheels...etc. all for a nickel sized ding. Its also quite humorous that the newer rep. said that the damage stuck out like a "sore thumb" when I asked how he was able to find it so quickly. Give me a Break...

Either way I feel better just getting support from you guys and appreciate all the feedback.

06-24-05, 06:42 AM
I'd ask that man for his supervisors name. Doesn't sound like he has an open mind about the situation, seems he has his mind made up about what happened. Your probably speaking on deaf ears, find the manager.

06-24-05, 08:03 AM
I can't believe they'd make such a big deal out of a small dent even if you were the one who did it. It's part of the cost of doing business. If you want customers to come back you have to provide loaners. People f*ck things up sometimes. If you want them to keep coming back you just factor these things into your cost of servicing vechicles. I doubt this dealer's profit margins are so thin that he can't suck up a small dent in a car for a guy whose family has bought at least 7 Caddies from him over the years.

They probably won't even have it fixed. I rented a Jag XJ8 last time I was in Florida. It was the most expensive rental they had and they treat you like a king when you come pick it up. This car had less than 10k miles on it and it had been backed into something pretty hard. I wanted another one but it was the only one they had. The rep wanted me to sign a blank damage form. I said "look at the back of this thing!". She said she'd note it on the form, I said no thanks I'll note it on the form. I did and took the car.

What's funny is that I took the car to a wedding and reception. I was bringing the bride and groom to their hotel at the end of the night. When I got out there the bridesmaids had essentially vandalized the car with lipstick, rose petals and potpourri. It was a freakin wreck. What's worse is that somewhere along the line I had stepped in the lipstick and it was all over the inside of the car. I cleaned it up the best a guy with 2 hours sleep and a headache could before I got on an early flight home. Never heard anything about it.


06-24-05, 06:19 PM
Ya u are def gettin screwed, a dealership were u have bought many caddys from? you are doin business with them they should treat you with respect. Get the supervisor or the owner and tell them whats going on. Thats not right at all. Good luck and report to us all.