: Where can i find a cheap N*

06-22-05, 06:06 PM
hi, i am in need of a cheap N* preferably with lower miles (less than 80k)...also if the tranny were included it would be great

my '93 STS locked up on my way to work last friday and am in desperate need to find a new motor a.s.a.p. (preferably the L37 or type "9" engine)

the transmission in the car shifted a little funny since i had bought it 3 months ago and at 180,000 miles on the car i would be much more comfortable with a lower mileage tranny to get me through college...

i have seen some engines with transmissions go for less than 1,000$ dollars on ebay but was unable to snag one....

also my dad owns a shop so we will be doing all the work, and i have been searching online if anyone who rebuilds these types of engines will take my motor towards some type of credit...

if anyone can point me in the right dirrection or offer any help it would be greatly appreciated

STS 310
06-23-05, 05:36 PM
Your gonna need the Vin 9 engine for sure. The Vin Y will have to work to hard to match the STS final gear ratio.

06-23-05, 07:42 PM
..also didn't someone mention how the PCM isn't the same between the 9 and Y?

06-25-05, 07:40 AM
I saw a couple of N* on ebay. Low miles. Seperate auctions for tranny.

06-25-05, 08:35 AM
Found mine thru Car-parts.com .sts96

06-28-05, 12:41 AM
junkyarddog.com...works great!