: McGuire Cadillac Woodbridge NJ

06-21-05, 12:34 PM
I have only the highest praise for this dealer, we bought out second Caddy from them ( Our salesman was Pete LaBracio ), the first 2 were from Crown Cadillac in Watching which after the dealership was sold became another fast food dealer....far from what you'd expect Cadillac to be all about. There was no haggling at McGuire, Pete gave the best price right off the get go and insisted any questions we had with the car to come and see him anytime, the service department there is FABULOUS! Especially Bill Whale, if you read my hellish experience with my new STS entitled " My trip to hell in a STS" you will understand just one of the reasons this dealer is soooooooooooooooooo great! After Caddy's Roadside Assistance and Caddy's Customer Care line left me high and dry for 3 days with a broken down 2005 STS and a husband with a heart condition ( We were on a mini vacation for my b'day that thanks to Cadillac was RUINED ) 100 miles away from home McGuire ( Bill Whale ) came to my rescue. I just can't rave about how much we love McGuire Cadillac, had it not been for Bill Whale in their service department I'd still be sitting 100 miles from home with a broken down car and no way to get home. McGuire equals excellence! Lets Dance ( Dee )

07-16-15, 06:57 AM
I was fortunate enough to have my 05 V serviced at McGuire Cadillac in Woodbridge, NJ. It was a very pleasant experience and I would recommend this dealer for service to any Central Jersey Cadillac owners looking for an exceptional Cadillac Service Department.

All of this was possible with the help of Alex H of Cadillac Customer Care so he also deserves acknowledgement. Alex called McGuire for the initial appointment and he called for clarification on one of the recall services and also called for updates while my car was at the dealer. I find Alex knowledgeable and persistent in his tasks. His help made this experience easier. As if there was anything difficult about it.

At the dealer I was assisted by Ellis (Service Writer). He greeted me upon my arrival and knew instantly who I was. Well he did say the V gave it away as they don't get too many in there. He explained everything that would be done and what was done when I returned. I dropped my car off at 8 AM and by 3 PM Ellis called to report the services were completed. Three recalls, a special coverage air bag repair, code diagnosis for a DIC alert and replacement of one tire pressure sensor were all completed in that short time frame. I thought the car was good before but the improvement was very noticeable. They even cleaned up the car so well I didn't realize it was my V.

If you are in Central Jersey and need a good Cadillac Service Department McGuire is it.