: Valentine radar wiring

06-21-05, 12:18 PM
Anybody have the power for a radar detector coming from either the mirror or the top of dash. Power cord in cigarette lighter is lame. Short cable from the mirror seems like the best.

Any ideas appreciated.


06-21-05, 02:33 PM
I took the power from the overhead console, the cord comes out between the headliner and the windshield, the wire I used only works with the key on, my V1 sits on top the mirror towards the passenger side using the suction cup bracket, and a piece of velcro on the bottom of the V1/top of mirror

06-21-05, 08:31 PM
hey guys....i ran my V1 wires (along with the concealed display) to the fuse box and got the power from the cruise control fuse....i used a little metal fuse tap....running the wire across the headliner was a bitch....there is no gap to shove it in, i had to pull down part of the headliner to fit it in....al in all it turned out good.