: speakers in front doors

06-21-05, 10:30 AM
whats up guys, i know some ppl have done this before, so whats the procedure to gettin to the speakers on the door? how to take off the door panel to get to the 5 1/4"s?

im running new wires to those speakers and putting a cross over on the tweets.

i dont know if im going to leave the rear deck speakers in... i was thinkin of taking them completely out so the subs will have a easier way to vent inwards :hmm:

06-23-05, 04:26 PM

I haven't done it yet, but like most GM, get the tool to pop the clips from a local parts store (NAPA, etc), remove the screw holding the cover over the door opener, look for screws in the door handle (vertical ones, possibly covered with rubber press in covers) and then you life up to pop it off the door frame. I will take picts tonight if I can figure it out.

06-24-05, 03:10 AM
start by removing the handle cover/trim by removing the philips head screw and then removing the brown trim and lock switch then remove the cables form the back of it.

then remove the window switch by inserting a screwdriver near the side that's closest to you which would be nearest the rear of the car and lift up then remove

then remove the tabs on the door starting from the rear of the door working your way to the front its the easiest

and thats it just pull up and you'll see the speaker