: 67 classic deville

06-20-05, 11:30 PM
I got this 67 Deville for $2k, it has 37k original miles. Its a 2 door, rag top and it needs paint and a new top. The interior is mint, but I have some questions maybe some pro's here can help me out.

1. Clock does not work.

2. Radio does not work. am/fm radio i believe... (power antenia does)

3. Need new wiper switch or resistor, (smoked when I had it on anything but high or off...)

4. My window shakes and makes a lot of noice when it is down and you shut the door.

5. The brights were replaced with dual filimet bulbs, so when I hit the high beams, the same (top light) switches. bottom light never turnes on.

6. Need a good carb rebuild kit.

7. Need heater control valve.

Were is a good place to start fixing, replacing some of these parts? Web links would be great, along with phone numbers.

Here are some pictures of my classic...


Thanks in advance for any help,

also looking for disc brake conversions (really don't like the drums), and possibly headers and dual exhaust.

06-21-05, 01:43 AM
Sounds like you just need to replace the bottom bulb. Even if it is a dual filament bulb, the connector should hook up and light the bulb anyways.
You might have trouble though if all four bulbs are dual filament ones. The bucket is slightly different for the single and dual filament bulbs, to prevent someone putting the wrong bulb in. Either they modified the bucket, replaced it with the other style, or the bulb is just kinda crammed in there.

Carb rebuild kits are easy to come by. Dealership if you want to drop some cash, otherwise any parts shop should be be able to get one in.

Wiper switch might be hard to find. Might be worthwhile disassembling it and trying to fix it yourself.

Clock not working is pretty standard. Find a good clocksmith, or replace the movement with an electric unit.

Heater controll valve should be available at a parts house. Dealership at the worst. Check out www.rockauto.com if your local places can't get it (might want to visit them anyways, might save a few $$$)

Also, check out www.usapartssupply.com - they have lots of parts for old Caddies. They are spendy, but if you can't find the part elsewhere...

For discs, look at the spindles on the early 70's Caddies. I dunno if they'll interchange, but discs were standard starting in '69 I believe.
You might need different rims though. Even though they are the same size as the rims on the disc cars, the steel hoop might stick too far in and interfere. I ran into this doing discs on my Nova. Got the same size rims off a newer car that were designed to clear the discs.

HTH. You've got a lovely car there.

06-21-05, 04:08 PM
Try and find a 68 with the optional disc brakes. You need the master cyl, proportioning valve, and lines for the front (run differently). There's not too much that needs to be changed, given in 68 cars were equipped with both. The headlights are supposed to be dual filament for the top. So with the high beams on, there are four high beam filaments illuminated. It may be as simple as a burned out bulb.

06-29-05, 12:17 AM
I sent my clock to USAParts and $250 fixed it. Alot of the stuff you'll need is on ebay just keep checking. Don't switch out the carb for a Holley or a Edelbrock just rebuilt yours it'll run better.

06-29-05, 02:01 AM
Wow, $250 for the clock! I paid $350 for my whole car!
That's gotta be sweet though. I've never seen one with a working clock. Does it keep good time?

I agree wholeheartedly about the carbs. The Q-jet is a more 'high tech' carb than a Hollley or Edelbrock. Both of those carbs were well established and popular on performance cars before the Q-jet was even designed! The Q uses a few little tricks that the others don't have to improve performance, mileage, and driveability.

06-29-05, 08:03 PM
I know the 250 was alot, but I really wanted it to work and that was the only place I could find to fix it... It came with instructions about how to set it... if it runs slow you can make it run a little faster, or slower. It's a bitch to set up for the first time. You have to have the battery disconected then set it so many minutes ahead, bla bla bla.......
Had it for about a yr. and it keeps great time. It took a lot more work to get the AC to work the right way(another story).
Another cool toy to play with is the emergency brake and the vacum disconect.... I love my 68.

06-30-05, 01:15 PM
It's cool that it keeps good time. I've always been told that they sucked from the factory, but kinda doubted that...
Fortunately my car has never had the climate controll or vacuum release messed with. The vacuum release was a bit sticky when I first got the car, but that's it. I've been under the dash though. When the factory has to start color-coding vacuum lines... Scary.

06-30-05, 06:58 PM
I took the whole dash out. I had to fix the antina, the clock, and the a/c. The car was a $2,000 quick impulse buy (I always wanted one - but bought the first one I found). I'm lucky to have my next door neighbor be an old caddy repair-man. He's got books on it and pretty much fixed everything I couldn't. Only thing is he's never happy and everything wrong with the car puts him in a pissing match. He just likes to bitch. I got the car home (drove it a little over 100mi) and the first thing he noticed was the frame was bad.... The guy before me had it weilded and then used roof tar over it then sprayed black undercoating over it... drove it in mud then let it dry and you couldn't tell. I just bought a frame on ebay last week for $150 and $150 to have it delivered. The car run's great, everything else was great just the above noted stuff. Not sure how long the frame should take to put in. Not like I'm a full time wrench - I'm guessing a couple of months. So I got this great clock sitting in a car that wont be on the road for some time.... atleast I'll know how long its sitting:)