View Full Version : plug the plug or leave it open

06-20-05, 11:27 PM
On the top of the oil filter there are two holes, one on the left has a yello screw-in plug in it and the other looks like the same threaded hole next to it but with no plug. They are about 1/2" to 3/4" in diameter.

Any input?


06-20-05, 11:54 PM
If we're talking about the same thing, Those two 1/2"~5/8" or so holes are where all your oil circulates through. You need to put a loop there, or an oil cooler, whichever is easier.....

I put a hard metal loop from a 94 eldorado (275hp - vin Y), bought it from the dealer for about $20, it's listed as the oil cooler lines, even though it's more like an oil cooler delete.

06-21-05, 12:00 AM
OIL COOLER - wow duh

thanx man, ill pick them up in the morning

06-21-05, 12:28 AM
For saving your engine, you owe me one set of ACDelco plug wires. :p