: Attention all Northstar engine owners - Carroll Cadillac studs

01-11-14, 03:32 AM
1st of all, I'm NOT a new member! please see my prior post under 93eldoradogreen1 my email was hacked and i can not log in as that member anymore!

what I'm seeing here is absolutely ridiculous! I have dealt with North star performance and Jake for years in our shop's with his stud kits and NEVER had not one come back!! I 1st learned of north star performance from this board and from the well respected reviews. I decided to choose them as our stud kit provider. I recently logged in for an electrical issue and am completely blown away that what seemed to be a great site with ton's of knowledge would completely allow some faulty, crook to claim rights to a product that has been developed, tested, patented, and proven to be misrepresented, and down right stole from north star performance!! what happened to the class? integrity, and loyalty of you people? this completely blow's my mind! Matter of fact I don't even want to post here anymore for advice due to the lack of brand loyalty and disrespect! how can a once great website allow this to happen? unbelievable!! Carroll's Cadillac, to you, you're NOT ever gonna get the sales of ANY Michigan dealer, ever! I feel that you are a crook trying to get rich duplicating another man's hard work and design! and for the rest whom are willing to use Carroll's Cadillac for stud kits, remember you get what you pay for! I'm done with this site, and so will all of Michigan's Cadillac dealers once i send out my corporate Email Monday morning..

Jamie McFarlane
Sonic Automotive group
( formally Don Massey Cadillac )

01-11-14, 03:42 AM
They're studs. They've been around for many decades, available from many different companies. Metallurgy, production techniques, and drilling fixtures may be unique, but nobody can patent a stud.

.....I bought some Cooper tires last week. Do you believe that Goodyear, Michelin, AND Continental have the NERVE to make tires too, IN THE SAME SIZE NO LESS!!!

01-11-14, 03:54 AM
not at all, but build a tire that's hand made ( Goodyear ) and put the Kelly, Goodyear name on it and the results would be the same. this post is about loyalty to north star performance, whom has never let our dealer's down.

01-11-14, 04:07 AM
Members here have had both good and bad experiences with Northstar Performance. I have a set of Jakes studs in my engine. And though our transaction didn't go very smoothly, I still recommend his product to members looking for HG repair options. However, in the same sentence, I also recommend CCC studs and norms inserts. All 3 are excellent solutions to the problem, and there's nothing wrong with letting members know there are other choices.

01-11-14, 05:00 AM
I agree to an extent. Jake's studs are proven, and the only stud repair certified by both GM and Cadillac, I can't say the same about others at this time. That being said, all our dealer's will be using Jake's stud's or the Timesert kit's depending on warranty and cost to our customer's.

01-11-14, 05:34 AM
What certification? Dealer repair is TimeSerts AFAIK.

01-11-14, 09:18 AM
Jamie ^^ came to me in 2010 for HG repair. That wound up being a complete engine replacement due to some aluminum erosion around one of the cylinders. He's a good guy, even brought a car to me from a customer in Ohio and delivered it back to him.

This post was partly due to an email sent to my company account email address from "CCC" directed to me. Not a pretty email.

There's a difference between a man who has to bury his competition to build a business and one who can build a business with fair play. Even when someone like carroll has to fight dirty, I don't.

Thanks Jamie. I hope you buy another N* with blown HG's and come visit me soon-


They're 50/50 GM approved. GM has not officially declared this, but GM Warranty has been given the "OK" to use for warranty jobs. That is something I fought very hard for, after a shop in the eastern USA installed a new GM crate engine only to have a head bolt pull within 200 miles. I spent a lot of time on the phone with GM's warranty department. Next thing you know, a dealership called us one day and said "we need a stud kit for a 2008 Deville"

01-11-14, 09:18 AM
I wasn't aware of any bad blood between you guys.

01-11-14, 09:37 AM
And as it should remain.

01-11-14, 09:42 AM
Ah, wasn't sure if I had missed some CF drama.

01-11-14, 09:45 AM
there has been bad blood ever since northstar performance had a supplier issue, beyond jakes ability to resolve it. Jake resolved this issue by spending some serious cash on his own c&c machine so he can make the studs in house. The thing that upsets me is tim keeps bashing jake and his product. I have done
around 10 stud jobs using Northstar Performance studs and will continue using only jake studs. Because of loyalty and jakes knowledge on this issue. I find
it foolish that tim has to continue to bash a known great fix to save these wonderful cars. I will always and only use northstar performance studs. I have become friends with jake even though I have only met him once on a midnight run to Niagara Falls for parts. I have never delt with tim and I wont because of his childish behavior regarding Jake

01-11-14, 09:51 AM
I promised Submariner409 that I would do my best to keep drama off the forum. It shall stay that way as long as I have any say in the matter. I am a site supporter and a member of the CF community and I have a responsibility to help keep this forum around for what it was intended. Information, help, and a place for Cadillac owners to connect.


Thank you Joe

01-11-14, 10:19 AM
Interesting that Mr. McFarlane has surfaced after some period of absence in order to proclaim himself the arbitrator of who can and who cannot buy retail product from CF members/advertisers/online sites. I do not believe that CF, in and of itself, has any specific "brand loyalty" - and the site affords visibility to anyone wishing to pony up the money to advertise their product(s) - whether or not that advertiser is a large auto dealership, parts supplier or a small Mom&Pop startup operation.

By all that's holy, CCC is a sometime CF advertiser, having held a paid subscription for such. While the outcomes are often not pretty, competition eventually reveals the winner - and in this case it's a tough call. Northstar Performance and CCC are making exactly what ARP ( a very, very large company) uses for its bread and butter - but you don't see ARP in here flaming either small company. Yes, there may be competitive bad blood in the Northstar stud business, but continued unnecessary flaming does nothing more than rub salt in the wounds.

........ and, Mr. McFarlane, please DO NOT ever attempt to tell me which/who/what company I owe "brand allegiance" to. That is the private domain of every CF member - if not every person over the age of reason.

I see by the signature and corporate title on your post that you speak for GM Corporation, Cadillac Division. Should we forward this thread to GM ? I believe that GM is in competition with other automakers - they might appreciate this insight on "brand loyalty".

Thread closed. Everyone please take a breather and go back to work.

01-11-14, 03:15 PM
continued unnecessary flaming does nothing more than rub salt in the wounds.
AND makes the flamer look petty.