: ProDyno H2 Auction 1 in a 1000 chance to win!!

06-19-05, 06:14 PM
Pro Dyno recently built a 2005 H2. Lowered 6-7", 24" chrome wheels & tires, Magnacharger, exhaust, two tone paint with all plastics smoothed, full chrome accessories, complete A/V system, and the list goes on & on. Full retail for a H2 with these accessories is approx $120k.

We are raffling off 1000 tickets @ $100 each and the Hummer is to be given away at the end of July at a party here in Tempe at Acme bar & grill. Winner need not be present to win.

If you are interested in a ticket, please contact me for more info. Please feel free to pass this info on as well.



06-20-05, 01:37 AM
Do we have to attend the party in order to win?

06-20-05, 04:53 PM
winner need not be present to win

06-21-05, 02:50 AM
i would buy a ticket or 2.

06-30-05, 03:13 PM
shoot me an email

07-20-05, 06:51 PM
Im in for 2. Get in touch w/me.