: Great tech articles to read - Brakes, Handling and Q-Jet for B/D/F cars

06-18-05, 11:45 PM
I know these are technically from a Camaro website, the front suspension is all ours. As it was designed for the 70-81 T/A - Z28, it became a carryover to the 1977-1996 cars with the only major changes of ABS and the late 5/8" ball joints. And a minor change in 1979-1981 somewhere of metric taper on the ball joints and metric threads on the rest.


You have handling, braking, handling theory, and Q-Jet info. Good reading!

The brake article is where I am basing my rear disc swap on. Old school version, but a bolt on for the 1970-1981 F car and 1977-1996 B/D cars. (ABS is ?? on the D cars) This system came out a long time before the 9C1 setup came about. "High Caliper Braking" by Marlin Davis. I have been meaning to contact Marlin for a update to cover the 82-present cars as well. It would be helpful to keep some $$ from the vultures at SSB and other brake companies that charge way too much. That is, in my not always so humble opinion... (NASHO)

I need to address some issues, as Katshot has worked these rear brakes through out the 70's and 80's and wasn't thrilled with them. Backing plates were $50 a pair at GM when I priced them in the 80's. New. So cheap it is, and front calipers work if you dare not have a E-Brake. So that is a total disc brake system for only around $200. Heck, with e-brake calipers it is only like $300-$400. I will price it all when I get some time.