View Full Version : Value of 86 Brougham?

06-18-05, 11:32 PM
A friend of mine at work inherited his dad's 86 Brougham. Decent shape, needs a serious cleaning, wax, etc. Some rust in rear bumper, else decent shape.

What is ballpark value? His wife thinks $200 to $400, it doesn't sit right with him. I think closer to $1000. I just saw a 89 for $1350 on the way home the other night (white, looked very clean from the highway if anyone wants me to look more)

This car may be up for sale, so if anyone is interested, PM me and I will go talk to him and get more info and pictures.

It has hubcaps, not the spokes or wire caps. The car is burgundy/marrron, has the vinyl top, which is in excellent shape. Very small damage to left rear bumperette, I would guess an easy fix.

06-19-05, 05:08 AM
Ouch HT4100 in a Brougham. I'd say $750-1000 depending on the condition, or less if it's a piece.

06-19-05, 09:06 AM
No, it looks good, it is a 307 Olds car. I thought was the last year for the HT4100 in the Brougham was 85.

06-19-05, 04:31 PM
It does have the 307, you're right the last year was 85.

If the powertrain is in really good shape I would argue it's worth more. I've seen cars that aren't in showroom quality, but in overall great shape go for 5000 (CAN) here. That being said, I didn't pay that much for mine but after the work I've done it could be sold for much more than I purchased it.

06-19-05, 05:01 PM
Look at other ones for sale around your area to see what they're worth. Prices look kike theyre are all over the place. Around here ones in decent condition are probably around $2,000 but you see ones that cost more then that and ones that cost a lot less.

06-19-05, 11:33 PM
lol watch your typing mistakes brougham :p

It being a 307 car makes it a bit more valuable. I always forget if it's 85 or 86 that they changed.

06-20-05, 06:42 PM
I have an 86 that i put a used engine and tranny in and it has some body damage, but also has the astro roof...im going to ask about 800 for it and hope I get 500 or better....any car that looks decent and runs well should be worth nearly 1000 in my opinion.

07-13-05, 11:11 PM
Do you have any pics? Either of you guys

I've been considering getting a second car, $500 sounds pretty good I really don't mind body damage. I would like to have a back up so I could drive one while working on the other you know. Drive my SDv while doing the body work to the other.