View Full Version : New proud owner. few questions.

06-18-05, 09:37 PM
Hi all,

First just like to welcome myself to this forum. Any way I have sold my 2 baby 2004 m3 (1st is my 1995 supra TT). Any how I did trade in my m3 for a 04 escalade ext (needed more space.lol). A few questions I would like answered are. (did search)?
1. I plan to lower this bad boy using the McGaughy's deluex kit. (thinks thats the best?)
2. I plan to buy 24"(TIS) but my question is does anyone have any pictures they can post of this? (24's on an ext with the 2/3 McGaughy's drop)
3. Do you experiance any tire rub? Please take in mind I will usually have 2 people in the backseat?
4. Has anyone pulled at trailer (of any sort) with 24" and lowered with no bags? Is this possible?
5. Please list some great website to search for grills, exhaust etc.

Thank you all and hope to hear back from you.