: Cooling/overheating issue

06-18-05, 09:25 PM
First off my name is Wayne. I have a 94 Eldorado with the 4.8 northstar. The past few weeks I have had an extreem cooling issue. Like any other car nut the first thing I did was pop the hood and check the fluids. Found no coolant in the tank. I look at the top neck of the radiator and i see a leak. After checking around making sure all of my clamps are tight I found a crack just under the upper inlet. I say ok and go spend 190$ for a new radiator. While doing the work i decided to pull out the t-stat. all looks good to me ( i wouldnt know a good one from a bad one) but no obvious signs of damage. so here i am with a fresh radiator, ride down the road watching the coolant temp and bamm right back up to 240-250. I know, I know, very bad. I guess my next question would be, what the hells up? What else could I check? Im at a loss and am already about 200$ in the hole. And ideas, comments, questions?:confused:

06-18-05, 09:45 PM
Well, you are not in the hole as the leak had to be fixed anyway. Although you could have replaced the side tank instead of the entire radiator. Replace the stat just because it's old and you are overheating. Check the water pump tensioner to be sure it moves freely and is providing enough tension and not alowing the belt to slip. Have the cap tested to be sure it will hold 15 lb of holding pressure. Make sure the purge line is not plugged. It runs from the water pump to the surge tank along the left cam cover and if you remove it from the surge tank it should have a constant flow when the engine is running.

06-18-05, 11:48 PM
Thank you for the reply and as soon as i have some daylight i will be sure to check it all out. All anadll the car has good luck all over it. i mean that by the fact the car has 150k miles on it and this is my first and only issue. I will be sure to let you know it your'e advice helps.

-Wayne Cowpens, Sc.

06-20-05, 03:17 PM
Also, in addition, on the water pump tensioner: check to ensure the belt has not stretched too far so that the tensioner will not tighten it sufficiently.
Carefully check each and every hose and clamp for leakage.
Even a pinhole could lead to disaster.
Also, Add the recommended Bars-Leaks, tablets or powder. Your local Wal-Mart should carry either.

06-20-05, 11:24 PM
Everything has been fixed. I went down to napa and slapped in a new 180 deg. T-stat. She runs cool now. With the A/C on hi at a redlight the temp never goes over 212. Riding down the road it stays around 200 +-5deg.

Thanks for all of the help guys.:bouncy: