: Ebay auction gone bad, internet uproar

c5 rv
11-01-03, 08:05 AM
It appears that a guy won an ebay auction hosted by a Mitsu dealer for a new EVO and the dealer backed out after the auction closed. The bidder posted on a Subaru forum and it has gone crazy in the past day:


lux hauler
11-01-03, 08:33 AM
I got the link to that from a truck forum.
It's crazy how that has taken off. 866 replies and almost 150,000 views in less than a week.
The thread is closed now. I guess it was too much for the servers to handle.

11-01-03, 08:49 AM
I doubt anything will come of this. The kid isn't out any money. The dealership should've set a reserve on the auction, but that's an honest mistake for a first-time seller.

11-05-03, 12:51 AM
ebay is crap in my opinion... my bfs cousin won an auction on a 70-something chevelle..he paid about 10 grand on it.. was shipped to his house.. and was basically a pile of crap.. no engine, windows, interior, paint, tires, rims.. anything.. pretty much just a rusted up body.. and there was nothing he could do about it.. still has the thing..