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11-01-03, 02:21 AM
Hey all. I'm a 22 year old college student getting ready to graduate this coming spring from Pepperdine U in Malibu, CA. I'm originally from near Houston, TX though, and that's where I've got my light green '68 Coupe DeVille registered and licensed (even though I bought it in Orange County, God Bless Texas!). I'm an obvious Caddy nut (why else would a 22 year old want a 17'x7' car? it's impossible to park) and would like to potentially work towards owning my own Caddy dealership someday, in TX of course. If anyone has any input on how that is best acheived feel free to let me know. Otherwise I'm just a normal owner of 35 year old GM car. The car has only 35k original miles and I've already had to put a new water pump, fan clutch, and alternator on it. Glad to be a member of the forum.

11-01-03, 10:06 AM
Welcome aboard..... Thanks for signing up.....

60 CDV with 35k.... :shocked2: You have to post pictures, there's no way around it....... :D

11-01-03, 04:43 PM
it's not that great. i wish it was, for sure. the exterior is only ok. i think it's sat a while. the paint is a little faded and there are a good number of door dings in it. but all the chrome is straight and shiny and the interior is spotless except for the faux wood on the dash flaking off.

11-01-03, 07:38 PM
Great to see another low mileage '68 on here! I'm only 16 and I love this thing. Wood trim? You must have the leather seating. If you happen to come across a non-leather parts car, grab the dash bezel off of that, it has a brushed aluminum finish where yours has wood.

11-01-03, 07:43 PM
i just graduated college a few months ago

but every college ive ever been to has abnormally SMALL parking spaces. does your school have that, if it does, how the heck do you park your land yach? i have lot of trouble parking my eldo when i first got it.... then again, i was moving up from a short bed, reg cab POS S-10

11-03-03, 01:25 AM
yeah, it's hard to find a good spot for it sometimes. there is a lot that never fills up here so i make sure to get there early and grab a corner spot and park right along the protected edge giving me some insurance against careless door dingers. thanks for the advice DaveSmed. yeah, it does have the leather. i'll keep my eyes out for a cloth interiored parts car. that fake wood peeling off is really gettin on my nerves. also, if anyone has any info on oil leaky engines lemme know. it's not burning any but the valve cover on the driver's side is leaking and either the rear main seal is leaking or something, anything underneath the back of the intake manifold is dripping pretty bad. i'm gonna replace the pcv valve and valve cover gaskets myself asap. if it's anything else i'll have to price that out to a mechanic. lemme know if anyone has any past problems or advice fill me in. Thanks!