: Deleting One's Own Post(s) - Is it possible?

01-04-14, 04:58 PM
So far this is the only forum that I participate in that does not give the option to actually delete a post as part of the "edit" option, even if it is time limited such that a delete is only permitted for, say, up to 30 minutes after posting.

Clearly, administrators can delete posts, so the function exists. The user interface for this forum is far more sophisticated than many others I participate on, so I'm thinking this might be a "tweak something and the 'Delete Post' button will show"-type change, but I have no way of knowing.

If it is possible to give a user the option to delete his or her own post, even if a time limit to do so is set, I believe it's worth considering making that option available.


01-04-14, 05:34 PM
YOU cannot totally delete a post per se - but within a set time period (No, I don't) you can remove or alter text by using the edit tab. About the only times a CF Moderator or Administrator will fully delete a post or thread is for advertising spam, insults, name-calling or inappropriate language. Get into a verbal contest with another member and you're on your own - until the contest goes into the gutter.

Generally, what is posted in CF today is here forever - even an edited post can be resurrected for detail. The general membership post deletion ability idea has been fielded several times over the years......... no go.

Not sure, but there may be guidance in either your profile settings or up ^^ in the CF Rules/Guidelines forum.

EDIT: (Hah !) If you feel that some of your posted information is incorrect or misleading, contact a Moderator by PM to work out a change if the edit period has lapsed.

01-04-14, 07:00 PM
Well, for myself, I find the presence of posts that original poster's reconsidered being left with the word "deleted" to be unflattering to the poster and the forum.

I don't make the rules, but don't think it's unreasonable to request reconsideration. The actual forums Q&A indicates that the capability of deleting one's own posts exists, "although the administrator may have turned off this option (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/faq.php?faq=vb3_reading_posting#faq_vb3_editing_de leting)".

There have been several occasions where I have asked moderators to make a revision to my posts, or remove them entirely, if something was either grossly incorrect in my initial post (which has happened a couple of times) or if ongoing developments make what was once absolutely accurate information absolutely wrong. I don't believe in preserving wrong reference material, which is what I consider technical forums to be, without very good reason.

It seems that every forum has its culture and its quirks. Not allowing a poster to actually expunge a post for at least some short period of time after it goes up is one of the quirks here.


01-04-14, 09:04 PM
Your forum permissions are set to "Default" - the same as every other Registered Member in here.

There is a staggering amount of misleading or incorrect information in every public forum on earth - as well as a wealth of correct reference info. It's up to the member to separate the wheat from the chaff. If your delicate sensibilities are offended, or if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. It is not my - or the Forum's - responsibility to protect you from mishap or controversy.

In some cases, if you (or anyone) wishes to edit a post - as in delete it - the engine will not allow a "too short" post to be re-posted. In that case, some word or group of words that satisfies the engine is the ticket. Try it -

01-04-14, 09:23 PM
If my delicate sensibilities were terribly offended I would have been out of here ages ago.

The behavior of certain moderators leaves a hell of a lot to be desired.


01-04-14, 09:24 PM
Whatever ........... Tune fast.

01-08-14, 04:26 AM
^^^I wonder if these people actually believe their moronic statements will actually make anyone not notice the spam.

Edit: ^^ @ Deleted posts.

01-08-14, 07:45 AM
Gone at 0740. Thanks for the report.

Remember, folks - Some of those embedded links in these posts by the spammer clowns are really links to malware and viruses. NEVER open any of the links - report the post ASAP to Admin by clicking the little ! triangle icon in the lower left of a suspicious post, add a short message in the box.