: 97 Mph Top Speed????

10-31-03, 04:08 PM
Date Posted
07/11/2003 alero "the family car" by mcky09
Style: GL2 4dr Sedan (3.4L 6cyl 4A) Rating
Review: the title says it all. this car has a mature feel throughout every aspect.the ride is very nice and has the power to pass if necessary. maxes out at 97 mph. this is the car to grow old in. and i'm only 20 with no family. why do i have this car?
Favorite Features: style. power is nice i can pass hondas with ease.
Suggested Improvements: none. the car is what it is

from www.edmunds.com by a consumer

Is this true? 97 mph top speed? Man, I hope not! I've always liked the Oldsmobiles. Not that I plan on bragging about how my car can do 170 or something, but its not the best thing in the world to tell them "Hey guys, my car tops out at 97" I mean thats understandable for say a wrangler or 70 ford pickup (ok, so they cant even do that) but this is a modern two door Oldsmobile here. Say it ain't so! Escpecially in a sporty car like this! :bulging:

10-31-03, 04:24 PM
That is not true on an alero topping at 97 mph
best friend has an 03 4 door. I have been in it faster than that roughly 105. I'll see if we can hit the governor this weekend to come back and let you know. but they are one great car for 20k

10-31-03, 05:42 PM
my g/f has a 2003 Alero and it's governor is 108 mph

10-31-03, 05:54 PM
Dont know about top speed, but my wifes fully loaded 01 gls with a 5yr/60k bumper-to-bumper warranty for a shade under 20k is easily the best deal i ever got on a car

Night Wolf
10-31-03, 06:17 PM
If that is an Alero, then no way is it the top speed, at the Grand Am forum (same car) the SE is governed around 108 or so, the GT is at 126 (I think) but poeple had the limiters removed to get to like 130 or so......

11-01-03, 10:23 AM
108, thanks guys.

11-01-03, 04:41 PM
My friends brother has an Alero and I do believe it's limited to 108.