: Greetings to all

10-31-03, 03:47 PM

It's about time I joined this forum I suppose. I am the proud owner of a '92 Pearl Seville SLS, not quite 62,000 miles. A cream puff that sat a little too much perhaps. Various bugs have shown up along the way and I smash them as economy permits. I have the GM owner's manual (includes Eldorado, also) and perhaps I can utilize it as resource for the group. I also have the GM parts manual which may be of some use as well. I anticipate posting to the Seville and Pushrod forums, perhaps there first since the V4.9 has a rough idle and shudders notably on a gentle acceleration (even backing out of a parking spot) -- Code EO46 (also known as PO46 on later models) in history which is left to right bank fueling difference. Anyway more in that in a later post; but for this part I wanted to say hello to all.

10-31-03, 03:59 PM
Welcome to the forums
Glad to see you jump on board.
Sounds like you got a nice car that needs some TLC.
To give you a few things that i would do b/c you mentioned that it has been sitting for awhile.
Change oil, filter, air filter, plugs, fuel filter.
Check your breaks and rotors
Also if your not already using high octane gas i would switch to it. I also own a 92 4.9L and i notice the difference between grades in gas

10-31-03, 09:20 PM
Welcome.... Thanks for signing up......

Real briefly, you GOTTA, GOTTA, HAVE TO, NO WAY AROUND IT use premium... This engine doesnt have knock sensors, so it cant tell if the engine is knocking and adjust timing......

Do a search on the unstable idle thing..... its a very common problem!!!!