: VERY slight valve knock on '98 STS Northstar?

10-31-03, 10:23 AM
Is this normal, in your fellows' opinion?

The car runs like a BEAST right up to redline, & has given me zero problems in 5000 miles so far (knocks on wood).

When she's warm, sometimes I can hear the slightest bit of knock at idle, but it goes away immediately as I depress the accelerator.

I just got the car serviced this week, the mechanic said the engine is mint (she's got 75,000 miles on her), & that Northstars get carbon build-up on their valves, & this produces a little bit of knock occasionally.

He said to just drive it hard now & then, & to continue to use hi-test, which I always do.

Sound about right?

10-31-03, 06:01 PM
Sometimes you can hear the fuel injectors but this would be more like noisy lifters. Caddy put the cover over the intake so they may be muffled a little. Is that possibly what you are hearing?