View Full Version : Barely used sts twin turbo kit

12-31-13, 12:16 PM
STS Twin Turbo Kit
I am selling this for a friend of mine. Any and all questions will be answered as quick as possible. I can also pm the mechanics name and phone number who installed and uninstalled this kit if anyone needs. I highly suggest anyone living remotely close to come and actually view the kit if possible. I am located in Lafayette, LA. This kit was removed from a 2005 CTS-V with the LS6 motor approximately one month after installation to trade in the car. The car has been sold and the kit is all that remains. Everything down to the last washer and bolt are included. This kit was custom tuned originally but does come with a diablo tuner made to plug into the ECU for a basic tune. The kit was bought for $10k, which as I have researched is high. We are asking $6000 for the kit. Still looks brand new. There is minor damage on the intercooler mounting bracket, see pictures.

Boost pump
No injectors