: Cheap Shocks

06-14-05, 11:42 AM
:drinkeraround a yr ago, i threw on sum Gabriel police shocks in front an hi jackers in back. well when i was adjusting by brakes, i noticed one of the rear shocks was bleeding, more like completely drenchd. an i lookd in my garage, an theres a big puddle by that rear wheel.
:madtalkinwdh could caused one shock to blow? i dont load it up back there ever.

the ride now is so screwd up. its all irregularly bouncy:drinker

how long do u think i can ride on a blown shock with out damaging the spring, its got its own spring on there, so i thought it might hold up a lil longr

this time around i was thinkin of puttin the air shocks back on :yup: