: Newcomer and virgin Cadillac owner!

10-30-03, 08:02 PM
Hey, just joined the forum as we got a new 2003 Escalade ESV. Had a Suburban for five years and really loved that truck but the trim level was kinda sucky. Got an Audi convertible last year and that's when the "discussion" started about who gets to drive the new convertible and who gets to drive the old Suburban. Hey let's be honest - the wife was winning that deal. :histeric:

I drove the Escalade one day at lunch and thought the ride quality was really superior. Meanwhile my wife was thinking the Escalade really looks great. We were a waffling about spending that much on a truck, but then the end of the model year came around with great incentives so we took the plunge.

This is a great truck and it drive much more like a car than the Suburban. Some people say it "floats" too much for them, but this boat is not meant to be a sports car. We are looking forward to our annual 13-hour road trip to New Mexico in this machine to go skiing!! :cool:

10-30-03, 09:21 PM
Welcome aboard.... Thanks for signing up...... :wave:

I always thought the ESVs were cool...... Kinda like the ultimate SUV..... We have a 03 Suburban Z71, and its nice, but I agree...... Its kinda sucky.... But then again, its a truck, and we use it for what it was designed for (offroading and hauling stuff)......

10-30-03, 10:41 PM
If we had not gone for the Escalade, the Z-71 would have been the next choice. That's a great truck also and nothing to sneeze at...

10-31-03, 08:59 PM
If I had an escalade, Id sneeze on it!!!!! :D