: All Cadillac show, Vestal, NY June 12th

06-13-05, 10:47 AM
Here's the pics Mike Welch took at the Antique Cadillac show yesterday in Vestal, NY. I attended and entered my 2000 STS, I got lots of compliments on it, and all kinds of people asking about my Corsa exhaust, brakes, grille, etc. I had to fire the car up 3 times from people requesting to hear the exhaust!
Another one of the pics there compares Mikes 1964 Deville to the changes to Cadillacs in 40 years. It's parked next to a 2004 CTS, which he didn't know is my Moms CTS. He didn't take a pic of the front, otherwise you'd see the CTS-V grille I put on it for her!
There were a lot of great old Cadillacs there! The three '57s in the pics are gorgeous!